Summer Solstice 2017 Stonehenge: Sunset Tuesday 20 June, Sunrise Wednesday 21 June

Stonehenge photo by David Firestar
Stonehenge photo by David Firestar

Summer Solstice 2017 Stonehenge: Sunset Tuesday 20 June, Sunrise Wednesday 21 June

Stonehenge Summer solstice car park opens on
20th june 19.00pm
Carpark Charge is £15 for cars and live in vehicles upto 19 seats
Motorbikes £5
2 mile walk to stones from car park
drive off site by 12pm 21st june.

NO Booze allowed into stones
Free food will be given out by the Hare Krsnas
or you can buy dead animals in a bread roll for £10
at the Rip off burger stalls
No tents or sleeping bags allowed into stones only a blanket
selfie sticks may be taken away by Security as its a lethal weapon as Security said to me last year
no umbrellas allowed or flag poles as G Dice George found out last year
dont climb Stones or draw  on the Stones and behave correctly, by all means sing dance get your tits out and have fun, love peace and hugs David Firestar

Lots of Stonehengey places on facebook – like
Stonehenge Free Festival Campaign

See English Heriticage’s site at:

Stonehenge photo by David Firestar
Stonehenge photo by David Firestar

Spring Equinox 2017 – sunrise Monday 20th March in Stonehenge!

Equinox 20March2016 - George and Lorraine
English Heriticage will open their gates to our Stones around 5 a.m. ish on Monday 20th March 2017, when the equinox sun will rise East.

Some of us will be camping the night before in the track west of the Stones (entrance from Larkhill or left from the A303 driving towards Amesbury – if coming the other way pass the Stones and U-turn at the roundabout).

Please bring firewood and drums!

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2016 Winter Solstice Sunrise Wednesday 21st December

Stonehenge Drove December 2015 by george
Stonehenge Drove December 2015 by george

Stonehenge solstice sunrise will be at about 8.15 a.m on Wednesday 21st December 2016 –  (though it may be cloudy)

English Heriticage will open a carpark around 5.30 a.m. from where you can walk or catch a shuttle bus to the Stones. And there are special buses from Amesbury and Salisbury.

But access to the drove from the dangerous A303 entrance  is closed and from the Larkhill north end will be closed from around sunset Tuesday, there will be access through the English Heriticage Car Park to the drove until about midnight, then there’s nowhere to park until about 6 a.m.

At least that’s what I understood from a planning meeting I went to at Amesbury recently, seems a bit mad to me!

Check out one of the many facebook groups for more uptodate information.

See you there – [dicegeorge]

Stonehenge Drove December 2015 by george
Stonehenge Drove December 2015 by george

Monday evening Stonehenge gates open for Solstice sunset and sunrise (20 June 2016)

2015 Summer Solstice night in the Stones
2015 Summer Solstice night in the Stones

English Heriticage have announced changes for this year’s summer Solstice: they will be charging £15 per car for parking in their carpark, and searching people for alcohol and other drugs.

However entry to the Stones (from 7pm) is still free if you walk there or catch one of the many buses from Salisbury.

There is much outrage on facebook about these changes, and mutterings of protests.

Last summer the centre was quiet early on, please bring more drums for a live acoustic rave in the centre from sunset to sunrise!

Access to monument field – 7pm
Sunset – 9:26pm

Sunrise – 4:52am (Tuesday)

See other sites:

37th meeting of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge,

37th meeting of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge, Cavell Room, Sarum College, Salisbury, 19 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EE, Wiltshire
Friday, 24 June, 2016 2pm – 6pm

Joint meeting with the
5th meeting of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland (TRCBI)

This special joint meeting of two projects of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP) will consider:

TRCS (2-4pm)
1.The ongoing changes concerning the governance and management of Stonehenge and its impact on worship arrangements for the Pagan and Druid community, all year round
2. Issue to do with current Stonehenge sacred festival times access rules – how did the EH change of rules to “no alcohol and parking charges” effect the Solstice ? How is the roundtable managed and are pagan and concerned community concerns respected properly in this forum ?
3.The implications of the INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY for Stonehenge peace work and the role of Pagans and Druids in interfaith work (actual and potential; present, past and future)
5.The status of paganism and Druidry under changed political circumstances following EU referendum debate – does anything change ? – How will this vote impact on Stonehenge and other sacred sites arrangements ? What role does the EU have in heritage matters ? Montsegur..
6.Issues from the community concerning arrangements of access to Stonehenge and the surrounding landscape – closure of roads, landscaping, has the plan been managed well or not ?
7. The status of pagan studies in education (school and university level); idea of Religious Education Centres in each SACRE to supplement school Religious Education and foster multifaith harmony in the UK; Wiltshire’s syllabus of religious education; Wessex culture and Britain BC in the Curriculum. The recent Celtic Exhibition at BM and Edinburgh.
8.Documentary footage / films available on the Battle of the Beanfield and ongoing Stonehenge access issues, 2001 Channel 4 Documentary etc. Legacy issues arising from the Battle of the Beanfield and related matters. A plethora of films about Celts on TV – how good are they ?
9. Progress on the project to create a Stonehenge Spiritual Pilgrimage Centre in the vicinity of Stonehenge
10.The new Stonehenge visitor centre and arrangements for spiritual pilgrims and educators – why no facilities for meetings and conferences and seminars or educational visits ?
11. recent archaeological discoveries and progress with archaeologists / pagan discussions eg reburial etc.
plus AOB

All interested parties welcome, “Talking Stick Rules”, rude or verbally violent behaviour will not be tolerated; please note this is a public meeting “on the record” intended to advance interfaith understanding and harmony – see for the work of IIPSGP)

Visitors attending the meeting on 24 June should come through the High Street Gate & archway (just off New Street). A car park attendant will be in view and traffic should stop at the box. From the box visitors should turn immediately left onto North Walk and Sarum College is approx 400 yards on the left with Cathedral on the right. Where the road goes off to the right, or straight on, Sarum College is the building on the left. Limited parking is available so please park in a public car park outside the close. Tea and Coffee will be served.

TRCBI -The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland (4-6)
1.Introduction and welcome to 5th meeting of the TRCBI (Previously held in Ireland (Dublin), Northern Ireland (Belfast) and Wales (Holyhead)) and England (Salisbury).
2.The EU referendum results: how does this affect the long term relationship of the UK to Europe?
3. The EU referendum results – how do they effect the relationship of UK to Ireland in particular ?
4. Developments over recent changes in the situation of Northern Ireland: The Stormont House Agreement of 23 December 2014 and its follow up.
3. A report on the work of the proposed Historical investigations Unit; The work of the proposed Oral History Archive; The work of the proposed Independent Commission on Information retrieval; The Commission for Victims and Survivors; the Implementation and Reconciliation Group (IRG);
4.The Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition
6. An update on the current situation in Northern Ireland
7. Renewal of Birmingham pub bombings inquiry expected – update
7 .The Duty of Veracity Bill making truth-telling a legal duty for all public office holders (parliamentarians, police officers, judges, local council officers, Quango bureacrats etc.),

8. Report on the Goddard Inquiry ongoing in the UK led by Dame Lowell Goddard, a New Zealand High Court judge – its scope and timing

12. Report on the Chilcot Inquiry: publication date set to July 3 – an update on progress including the various 9/11 Truth Inquiries and what the UK knew or didn’t know, as a pretext for war in Iraq

14. The future of UK and European Foreign Policy in the Middle East – how about an intelligent transpersonal ethical peace-oriented foreign policy, advocating a Sunni-Shi’a Peace Treaty, a ceasefire in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and a lasting peace treaty for the entire Middle East, and a two state solution for Israel/Palestine ? What future for Christians in the Middle East without peace? How can Syria be rebuilt with a proper peace and how to get one ?

15. An update on the proposed European Union Mediation Service (EUMS) and responses from European and British diplomats – the implications from the EU referendum vote.

16. The Implications of the UK Referendum On Membership Of The European Union – what we would like to see in terms of changes to the European Union from a UK Truth And Reconciliation perspective (eg Ukraine, Mediterranean, Libya, refugees, terrorism, surveillance, security issues, diplomacy, peace policy)

17. What future for UK and global Nuclear Weapons? – the need for a global nuclear disarmament framework in which the UK can pledge to full nuclear disarmament within an agreed global framework treaty; time for a UK wide Referendum ?

18. Any other business.

(All interested parties may attend; please note this is a public meeting “on the record” intended to advance interfaith, intercultural and interpolitical philosophical understanding and harmony and peace in all parts of the British Isles – please see YouTube Channel IIPSGP1 for details – please email Dr Thomas C. Daffern, Chair, on or to confirm attendance beforehand.)