2 thoughts on “Autumn 2018 Equinox at Stonehenge – Sunday 23rd September, sunrise”

  1. DESPITE THE HENGE DROVE BEING CLOSED !! … or rather because of > a reasonable number of those folk who attend equinox & solstice regular as clockwork heeded the festival campaign’s call for PARTY & PROTEST .. and gathered @ WOODHENGE for the AUT EQUINOX 2018

    Thank JAH for the mini – marquee provided – as it rained & rained & continued raining non stop for the whole period … despite the rain everyone had a fantastic time. The DUB BUS KREW’S Roots reggae music, and LIVE ELECTRIC VIBES from the Band ‘PRE-MED’ raised every one’ spirits.
    Ritual’s in the Wooden Circle just the thing, and the site was left spotless as usual. Hail Chief druid of the Woodhenge Order Matthew !!

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