Beanfield memorial picnic … June 1st 2023

Despite a low turn out on the day, the festival campaign sponsored event held at the site of the bean field trashing in 85, was most appreciated and well received on face book/ social media. At least two of those present back in 85 are no longer with us … Shax (only 15 yrs young at the time, and Phil the beer, rest in power, with us in spirit, always … Thank you Wally Dean, Rollo, etc, for your support !!

One thought on “Beanfield memorial picnic … June 1st 2023”

  1. DEAR STONEHENGE PEOPLE .. Do you live in the Hampshire/ Grateley area ? Do YOU pass the beanfield site / memorial plaque regularly? If so .. please leave offerings, flowers etc and / or let I&I / the festival /campaign know that the memorial remains safe and intact

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