Traffic Order -Experimental: closure to vehicles of BOATs on WHS!

Posted by me, Lois,  in the Facebook Stonehenge Law & Planning Library today, 5 July 2018

Traffic Order -Experimental: closure to vehicles of BOATs on WHS!

Well its happening at last, despite warnings and being told we were making it up, here you are now – this comes of using the BOATs as a campsite. We had express warnings, we passed them on they get ignored and those that try to explain get abused. Those of us that fought this from 2009-11 will be interested to see how this plays out, what another waste of so many people’s efforts then!
Statement of Reasons For Making the Above-Mentioned Order ………………… [there are others, but this stands out!]
“There is now considered to be a potential danger to non-motorised
highway users (pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists) who are now having to negotiate around increasing numbers of both moving and disordered parked vehicles (cars, motor homes, and large vans) when using the byways where the public would normally expect levels of motorised traffic to be lower than that of other users.”

4 thoughts on “Traffic Order -Experimental: closure to vehicles of BOATs on WHS!”

  1. a certain contingent have spoiled the free WHS parking and access for everyone by using the droves as permanant parkups.

  2. The atmosphere today was much the worse for not having any gathering in the drove. Yes those who used the site as a permanent park up were taking unfair liberties but this is a huge loss of liberty detracting from the experience of a visit to an authentic gathering of the people in Stonehenge. It is not just a destination, it is a place in the landscape and if you take the people out of the landscape you lose something.

    In Britain we are very good at arguing for the rights of people around the world to meet freely and keep their traditions. Here we have a real authentic folk tradition being taken from us under our noses in the name of safety.

    It may be hard to win again but we should at least try hard. I would be prepared to do so.

  3. They have closed the byways to motor vehicles by means of locked gates (these also prevent horse riders from using the byways, this is contrary to the ‘statement of reasons’ supporting the order which said horse riders would not be affected) and at a couple of locations concrete monoliths have been placed behind the gates. In addition, the order effectively prohibits motor vehicles from using Willoughby Road in Larkhill (Durrington byway 10 runs along this). Typical Wiltshire Council kowtowing to English Heritage.

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