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  1. “The only real argument asaingt ancient aliens building the stone site is a lack of discarded alien technology and this is a totally unconvincing criteria because, given the rarity of alien technology even for ancient aliens at that time”While witty, the comment is pointless in fact-because asserting that the Stone megaliths are from a non-Beaker population, when we have radio-carbon dated Beaker burials on the site itself at the time the Stone Megaliths date to, is not a supportable claim based on evidence at hand.Attributing the Megaliths to “ancient aliens” is also not supportable because unlike Beaker Folk, we do not have any excavated ancient alien graves on the site, let alone ancient alien graves that date to the time of the Stone Megaliths.The reason that early burials are cremation/immolation could be a simple as the fact that wood and forests in the Salisbury region were plentiful for a thousand years,and during this time the site and its structures that have been excavated were made of Wood, and the human remains could be disposed of with Wood funeral pyres,but later on the same Beaker Folk in that region began to convert to burial of un-creamated corpses simply because they had limited remaining Forests in that area and the fuel supply was critical for cooking and heating, and they did not want to use 1/2 a years fuel supply each time they needed to cremate a family member at a time when the avg age of mortality was 35 years old…?Once again, show me some DNA from these remains. Instead of testing the Archer burials, the staff and even visitors to the ‘museum’ where these remains are kept in the UK pose for photos holding the Archers Skull in their hand like a Disneyland photo with a Mickey Mouse costumed character, they have no gloves on to protect the skull from contamination, and are basically neither conserving the remains respectfully/professionally, nor exploiting the remains for any DNA..

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