Code of Conduct for Round Table


  • Prepare for the meeting by reading the agenda, papers and any emails before the meeting.
  • In order for all points on the agenda to be heard – try to be concise.
  • Contribute positively to the discussions.
  • Speak truthfully and do not deliberately misrepresent and misquote an individual (whether they are a RTG attendee or outside the meeting).
  • Listen to other people’s views respectfully and don’t talk over others when they are speaking.
  • Discourage side conversations to enable everyone to concentrate on the meeting.
  • Agree to differ on issues where a ‘consensus’ is not reached.
  • Commit to sharing the information exchanged with your external groups and organisations
  • Actions from meetings to be distributed within 2 weeks of the meeting taking place
  • Aggressive behaviour, swearing or insults won’t be tolerated by the group.
  • Attendees unable to abide by the Code of Conduct may be issued with a warning and can be asked to leave; in extreme circumstances the meeting will be ended.

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