Monday evening Stonehenge gates open for Solstice sunset and sunrise (20 June 2016)

2015 Summer Solstice night in the Stones
2015 Summer Solstice night in the Stones

English Heriticage have announced changes for this year’s summer Solstice: they will be charging £15 per car for parking in their carpark, and searching people for alcohol and other drugs.

However entry to the Stones (from 7pm) is still free if you walk there or catch one of the many buses from Salisbury.

There is much outrage on facebook about these changes, and mutterings of protests.

Last summer the centre was quiet early on, please bring more drums for a live acoustic rave in the centre from sunset to sunrise!

Access to monument field – 7pm
Sunset – 9:26pm

Sunrise – 4:52am (Tuesday)

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