6 thoughts on “Tribal Messenger remix March 2017”

  1. “TRIBAL MESSENGER” in PSYCHEDELIAVISION !! should be available soon as postcards via campaign w-site. Could someone please explain to me … the stage featured in the pic above @ Stonehenge .. seems its NIK TURNER’s … what ov the POLYTANTRIC STAGE … wasn’t that also a similar pyramid shaped structure as well? Anyway, mighty Blessings to WILLY X and everyone who helped set up & supply the stages @ Stonehenge free

    1. I think Polytantric stage was square, at Stonehenge 76 and Trentishoe 76, Nik Turner made his pyramid one with Glastonbury money then brought it to the free festivals … I think … but may be wrong …

    Please contact the designated FACEBOOK GROUP or P.M Simon Greenwood aka JIMMY DROPZONE or Maria Borg Moss (both facebook) or email: festivalcampaign2012@hotmail.co.uk .. we desperatly need VOLUNTEERS for stage build, and ON – SITE before JUNE 20 !! Annual solstice info Helpline 079854 10448

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