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  1. Hi, this is a new personal site I’ve just launched, which I’ve designed to be a quick and comprehensive reference of facts about Stonehenge. If you think it would be of interest to your readers I’d be flattered to be listed as a resource on this page:

    Kindest regards

    Dave Fowler

  2. Hi.

    I’m a second generation Traveller member and a part of the Free Information Network, and I’m very much in support of your project. I’m getting in touch on the basis that I’m currently setting up to sell my own ethnobotanical incense, and I’m inviting you to support the issue. We’ve pretty much set up already, and we’re already online at

    As part of this project, I’m interested in representing those who are a part of this movement, and I’m contacting the Stonehenge Campaign to discuss mutual terms.

    My planned intention is to be sending a large amount of packages internationally. As part of this I would be interested in including other people’s campaign / promotional literature as part of this mail.

    This is why I’m contacting you. Does the Stonehenge Campaign, or anyone who you’re involved with, have any such literature which you’d like to be distributed as part of this project? If so I might possibly be interested in shelling out a financial donation to cover this. If this sounds good then people can contact me at and I can discuss terms.

    Apart from that we forward the fullest extent of our solidarity.

    Infernal Damnations.


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