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  1. Solstices and Equinoxes, people always gather inside the Stones for free, most days the Drove is good for camping except three over june solstice… Picnics can happen day or night and music should switch to acoustic at sunset to avoid amps etc being policed, advertising is a no no also cos of the Criminal Justice bill
    Gather, but as individuals, upon the Drove at Stonehenge…every Sunny SUN day…everyday is SUNday, and bring YOUR sounds to share, make friends and sharpen your minds against fascism
    Do what thou Wiltshire, Harm Not
    It is false, the world in which the Festival is banned. There was no twelve year cut off…the festival had taken many forms for millenia. The festival is in your hands, in your heart and in your eye
    Bring what you expect to find
    Stonehenge Is Everywhere

      1. Hi Chris, all hengehogs and convoy crazies .. the gods and goddesses of the cosmos relate to us that this years aut equinox falls on Thur 22 Sep 14hr 17 Mins. The campaign’s info and merchandise stall will be on the drove along with a nights entertainment from the Dub Bus Krew – artistes, D.J’s, Musco’s welcome – otherwise pleeze do just drop in to say hello

  2. Is there any body out there?? My birthday is 21 June. I want to go to a festival. Last one I went to was Green Man. I will be 70. I want to be at Stonehenge. Fifty years ago anyone could walk up to it and touch the stones. I need to be with people especially people like me. I want to hear the music. Is there anybody out there like me?

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