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ROCK N ROLL UFOs … ‘Chicken town’ Wilts

thank you everyone that made it onto, or tried to reach, this years Stonehenge free festival ‘Satellite site’ only two miles away from those sacred stones > those Rock n Roll UFOs didn’t disappoint as Chris Bowsher’s R.DF. took to the stage @ 11:00 PM solstice eve and gave a fantastic show … that those devotees on site wont forget in a hurry – this was the campaign’s fifth consecutive year of sponsorship and co-ordination. Thank you everyone that rang the two helplines this year. Having agreed to move on from a previous site @ Ratfyn Barrows it wasn’t too long before Wilts police’s ‘liason’ officers found the new festival site’s location and eventually got round to closing the grassy drove to further vehicles – unfortunately Celtic Steve & the N.F.A band just missed out !! We move into uncharted territory as the new Anti traveller / gypsy laws are introduced. With the autumn equinox celebrations @ Stonehenge approaching we’ve yet to see how the council & police are to react. A huge debt of gratitude goes out to the campaign/ Dub Bus Krew, Lief/ Love & @narchy Sound system, Lisa Vallance, Lou & Mardi, etc, etc