One thought on “Harry Munk band playing in dub bus in the drove, spring equinox 2017”

  1. STONEHENGE SPRING EQUINOX ’17 …. Oh wotta night !!
    Special thanks & nuff respect everyone who helped in pooling our resources & energy therby making it possible to set up a fantastic nights entertainment on the STONEHENGE DROVE via the FESTIVAL CAMPAIGN’S DUB BUS KREW & the exellent HARRY MUNK BAND. Thanks lead vocalist KARA !! Her & the band travelled all the way from CORNWALL to entertain those down on the drove. EQUINOX blessings BLACKMAX & THE PIRATES, PRE MED PETE & the other muscicians thinking ahead to SUMMER SOLSTICE Stonehenge – that means you NIK TURNER, ta for getting in touch. NUFF RESPECT DALE LAMBERT, for his enthusiasm & for getting it together by hook or bt crook … also DARREN FITZ for turning his HOME INTO A STAGE – BARRY MUNG for tech support, DEAN BROMLEY our NUMBER 1 SOUND ENGINE EAR. RESPECT GARTH TREE, DUB BUS CO-DEFENDANT & CO-CONSPIRATOR, & the rest ov the krew, Lil LISA VALLANCE, JANICE, & SUSAN SUPERLOX BONNET for ITAL FOOD & 4 PUTTING UP WID ME .. WALLY DEAN, for his D.J SET & GOOD VIBRATIONS. ALSO STUART CULLIMORE for SPONSORING the campaign, (VAN HIRE), etc. SO HERE’S TO AN EXELLENT & WELL ATTENDED FREE SUMMER SOLSTICE STONEHENGE gathering in 2017 !! Check out the campaign’s annual summer solstice INFO HELPLINE

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