Paul Aitken

Yesterday Wesley phoned to tell that Paul has died. Paul worked hard for the Stonehenge Causes at Torrianno Avenue meetings, early meetings with English Heriticage, and with George Firsoff in the Truth and Reconciliation Council for Stonehenge etc etc.

I will post more info here when I find out more.

(see comments below from his brother Marc and others)


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  1. anyone connected with Stonehenge, the Stonehenge campaign & its Pilgrimage Walks who knew Paul will be shocked and truly sad to hear of his passing .. a lovely, kind and gentle man. I will always remember him, his Del Boy car & attendant Oak tree sapling perched on the roof. Thankfully myself & Willie X spoke to him recently after some time @ one of the Stonehenge equinox celebrations inside the stones. Who will kindly provide the astronomical time & dates of the equinoxes & solstices now I wonder? My sincere condolences to his family & friends

  2. Paul was a warm and generous man who was always out to help others with tact and diplomacy. Great, great car. Great, great guy.

  3. I knew Paul through the late eighties and Nineties when we ‘the people’ were ‘locked out’ of Stonehenge and through the Noughties when we were first let back in. We worked together where there was common ground and carried on with our separate campaigns where there was not. He was, and shall be remembered as, a thoroughly decent and caring individual by all who knew him. Stonehenge access would not be what it is today without the input of people like George Firsoff and Paul Aitkin, now both sadly gone: Gone yes, but not forgotten…..
    King Arthur Pendragon /|\

  4. Paul was an inspiration to me, such a regular presence at every Stonehenge event for so long and always a welcome breath of sanity in the chaos. He will be much missed. Condolences to his family, R.I.P. Paul

  5. I met Paul at the very first (and very crowded!) Stonehenge meeting in 1985 at the Toriano, as we all regrouped and pondered the future of the festival after the Beanfield trashing. Paul remained a constant in my life from that day onwards. He always had a different angle on news, events and politics to share with me and I spent many hours discussing and debating with him. We went on to produce the Stonehenge and London FIN newsletters together for many years, along with Wesley, with Paul and I writing many of the articles influenced by our debates.
    Paul did so much for festivals and especially for Stonehenge – but he did so in such a quiet unassuming way that most people probably do not know how much we owe to his efforts.
    I loved Paul dearly and regard him as one of my very best friends in life. He truly helped shape who I am and the way I view the world. I will miss him dearly.

  6. I met Paul during the 1900’s when I was a Liberty Observer at Stonehenge, and also during my visited to New Traveller sites. On a few occasions I was able to find the time to go to the stones during the solstice and remember how helpful he was. I remember many of those from the past and am sad that I cannot come to the funeral due to my having a crack in a small bone in my foot after a fall. Some of you may wish to know that much of the paper work that I collected during those years I have placed in the Brotherton Library in Leeds. I felt that those involved in the Stonehenge movement, the Druids and the New Travellers who tried to protect the stones to ensure they were open to the public during the solstice were making history that could well be lost.

  7. in the 80s some people may have heard of T.A.T Travellers Aid Trust and Release Which Help a lot of people of which this stunning man was involved with .so Thank you Paul for all your Energy and a beautiful Spirit

  8. (Typing on behalf of Sarah, Paul’s “God-Daughter”)
    Thank you all so much for being at Paul’s “send off” and for making it such a special occasion that he would have loved. It was so good to meet you all and to know that Paul had touched your lives in such a special way as he touched mine. A lot of us have a lot to be grateful for because of his beliefs and actions. And you’re all right, great guy, great car !! RIP Paul Aitken. Missed but not forgotten

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