STONEHENGE free access into the Stones & triangle area

STONEHENGE free access into the Stones & triangle area:

There has been a great deal of discussion on this subject and many groups, this is a Note to encourage discussion here or elsewhere regarding two vital legal precedents relating to ACCESS       Obviously these are not my opinions but simply how the law stands at present in relation to demands for the public to freely gather there, whether at specific times or at all times. 

  EU HUMAN RIGHTS PRECEDENT When reading this EU Commission [Courts of Human Rights] 1998 judgment,  Application No. 31416/96 note what was NOT  done to find a solution [there are clues] before applying to the Commission by the then druid complainants  and see whether anything has changed, ie what would be said now if that precedent was placed in front of the Commission – especially in relation to discrimination. “It follows that this part of the application is manifestly ill-founded within the meaning of Article 27 para. 2 of the Convention.   “

In other words, NO single religion is ever going to be given precedence over another neither in EU or UK law, especially whilst the established religion in the UK is Christianity.

UK PRECEDENT  Law Lords precedent Law Lords back public gatherings May 1999

More info in the Stonehenge Library  in Files


Feel free to share and the more the merrier as this will require some deep consideration and discussion, as a druid I can see that originally the druids might have relied upon their religion in order to get in to the Stones when there was an exclusion, now the public including


ALL other religions and the general public including those you do not agree with MUST be equitably and equally accommodated/allowed access and only a movement which includes everyone equally and publicly considering the public outnumber any other groupings, will legally and deservingly succeed .   If you want to change the law, then that is another issue!

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