Summer 2015 Saturday night 20th June

vev47English Heriticage will open their gates to carpark and Stones at 7pm on Saturnday. There will be police and sniffer dogs. If you want to get into the Stones before the rush then get there on foot or by public transport. Lots of buses being laid on from Salisbury.

Last year’s solstice evening in the Stones there were loads of people milling about but only one drummer – so please Bring More Drums, and get into the Stones early for live acoustic rave as we’ve been doing for five thousand years !

English Heriticage’s information is at:



5 thoughts on “Summer 2015 Saturday night 20th June”

  1. Congratulations and happy solstice tide … to everyone who celebrated solstice @ Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury, and especially those gathered on the ridgeway opposite the Sanctuary .. freedom, campfire’s, tents, amplified music, etc. The Stonehenge people’s free festival (in Exile) ??

    1. Hi Sid,
      We were parked up overlooking Stonehenge over the whole Solstice period. The location was kept special, not secret as I and others did not want the soldiers of chaos to roll on, middle fingers held high, to shit, and puke it right up and ruin it for everyone. As usual I was prepared to get in harms way and get my teeth knocked out to keep it right , I feel that strongly about it. We looked after each other, trying to keeping all warm, fed and happy. We damaged nothing and left no mess apart from a ring where our communal fire was. I had a generator, sound system and lights. but we used 12v and a car stereo instead as that felt right. We kept it good with Mister Officer when he visited, had most of the locals on side and even phoned the council to get a road block removed. It was a short walk to the stones, with no security on entry. I came away from it all feeling fantastic as I know others did. So was the festival in exile at Ravebury? Or was it embryonic, on the Stonehenge landscape, waiting to be reborn? Big love to ya from Tingly Spine.

      1. Exellent .. that’s exactly what we’re promoting here @ the festival campaign .. D.I.Y … a return of the original do it yourself ethic – unhappy with English Heretiks summer solstice .. you should be !! Avoid E.H’s solstice car park like the plague .. solstice 2015 is proof that there are alternative sites we can gather @ not far from the stones, let’s make the most of em. Thank you everyone who contacted the festival campaign’s annual info helpline. The campaign continues to fight the authorities on two fronts .. locating and organising an authorised licensed site as near as possible to the stones, and where that isnt possible -partaking in the Quest for a return of ‘the universal way of life’ … these romans are crazy !!

  2. the STONEHENGE FESTIVAL CAMPAIGN’S AUT EQUINOX NEWSLETTER is available now …. as we went to press the news of the discovery of a ‘super henge’ @ Durrington Walls filtered through – proving that the campaign’s (rejected) license application for a FREE SOLSTICE FESTIVAL @ Woodhenge was both apt & prophetic. You can download the newsletter from the campaign w-site or email to be added to the mailing list. The forthcoming equinox will be very poignant indeed as we mark the passing of the arch druidess of Stonehenge and friend to all Donna Brooke – in 2012 after a metonic cycle (19 years) of dedicated public service, attending, stewarding & presiding @ both equinox & solstices on a regular basis – our thoughts go out to Rollo & family

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