Winter Solstice 2015 – Tuesday 22 December

English Heriticage should open their gates for winter solstice sunrise access at around 7.30 a.m. ish on Tuesday 22nd December 2015.

Their announcement is here

We’ll be camping in the track the night before.20141222_094142stonehenge1200.png

(Photo by George at Winter Solstice 2014)

Please bring drums, firewood peace and love …


6 thoughts on “Winter Solstice 2015 – Tuesday 22 December”

  1. Thank you for your information, looking forward to a great celebration, Su Ro Prater’s choir will be singing for us.

  2. Hi everyone, thinking of coming down for my first visit (ever). A couple of questions; is camping free, and is there plenty of space (for tiny one man tent)?
    Also regarding parking, is it normal practice to use the car park at the visitor centre, or is there a dedicated field for the open access?
    Hope some of you veterans can help a lone pilgrim get the most out of this special event!
    I’ll be bringing food, drink and wood.
    Really looking forward to a memorable celebration!

  3. I was a bit shocked to see bottles and cans dumped by those camping on the track west of the stones, as well as plastic rubbish blowing across the fields.

    Please don’t give English Heritage ammunition against this unique
    open-access festival!

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