Battle of the Beanfield – JS Bach Version

thanks Tash – I’m giggling as I remember that day… the Bach music sort of shows it as clockwork (how different it would be with Clockwork Orange stylee music)  – from the moment we set out that morning, andor from whenever the thatcheroids were going to order a police attack – though it was up to all of us, cops and travellers, how we behaved … and it wasnt a battle, cos not one of us, from, the softest greenest liberalest to the hardest criminalisest anarchistest fought back – i could have killed a few foot coppers if i’d driven my bus at them and squashed them into another bus – but not one of us did .
The video seems to be in the correct time order, with the road standoff, then the grass field, and only at the end the escape into the beanfield  after I’d surrendered and been hit on the head –
My green mutant bus at 7.05 and 7.06

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