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equinox sunrise Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Stonehenge Equinox March 2015 by George
Stonehenge Equinox March 2015 by George

English Heriticage will probably open their gates in their fences for free access inside of the Stone circle sometime between 6 – 6.30am on Wednesday 23rd September 2015  (assuming good light and weather conditions).

Do not climb on the Stones unless you are naked.

Bring more drums.

We will be parking and camping in the track west of the Stones the night before – access from the A303 turn left just before the Stones when heading towards Amesbury from the Visitor Centre roundabout (not across the traffic the other way)

Checkout Stonehenge groups on facebook, many many including Stonehenge Free Festival Campaign and OATS



Summer 2015 Saturday night 20th June

vev47English Heriticage will open their gates to carpark and Stones at 7pm on Saturnday. There will be police and sniffer dogs. If you want to get into the Stones before the rush then get there on foot or by public transport. Lots of buses being laid on from Salisbury.

Last year’s solstice evening in the Stones there were loads of people milling about but only one drummer – so please Bring More Drums, and get into the Stones early for live acoustic rave as we’ve been doing for five thousand years !

English Heriticage’s information is at:



Equinox Sunrise Saturday 21st March 2015

Access into the Stones through English Heriticage’s fences will be at around 5 a.m. on Saturday 21st March. We’ll meet up in the track the night before (heading east on the A303 turn left just before the Stones).

Unfortunately we all made a mistake at the planning meetings – on Friday 20th March the sun will rise partially eclipsed, and we may have to watch it from outside of their fences. drat. sorry.

At last winter solstice somebody damaged the Stones by splashing them with some kind of oil, and someone else chalked on the HeleStone.


BeanField Art required!!

Dear all
I am in search of artistic creations inspired by 1st June 1985. If anyone can contribute that would be fantastic. The search is part of a University project. Again all help greatly appreciated.

One love

Thank you


Memorial Gathering for Tim Sebastian, Chosen Chief of The Secular Order of Druids and late Archdruid of Wiltshire

Tim SebastianA Memorial Gathering is being held for Tim Sebastian, Chosen Chief of The Secular Order of Druids and late Archdruid of Wiltshire who left us seven years ago on 1st Feb 2007.
The Assembly Rooms Glastonbury have been booked for the evening of 7th Feb. 7.30pm for 8.00pm. Can you please circulate this info. The Bards of Ynys Witrin do hope all of the S.O.Ds, friends and allies will be able to come.. Magic Hat on the door. Bring what you would like to find there..