Stonehenge was given by Cecil Chubb as a Deed of gift to the people of Britain.

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Stonehenge was given by Cecil Chubb as a Deed of gift to the people of Britain. Cecil Chubb particularly insisted that there should be guaranteed access at all times to the Druids and the people of Albion, for their traditional observances…. Legally this must be recognised and the financial exploitation of Stonehenge by English Heritage on behalf of the Secretary of State, who owns the Freehold, brought to an end. English Heritage have gone too far in the exploitation of a living Burial Ground, whereby descendants of those scattered over the last several hundred years, wish and deserve, free access to the Sanctified Site at any time of the day or night. Especially as still today, many families of Albion have their loved ones ashes scattered around the Temple. The Obstruction by English Heritages’ Security measures, are a Breach of our Right to honour our Dead. English Heritage have one aim, ensuring Financial Profit for the Secretary of State at the expense of Dignity and Respect. This is a serious matter, this breech of our Human Rights to Worship. As are the current restrictions placed upon us with regards to the carrying out of Practices pertaining to the Respecting of our Dead. If you agree and wish to help change the status of this Sacred site from exploited tourist attraction, and return Stonehenge to a freely opened Temple Landscape, please sign and share the petition ♥

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Stonehenge Law and Planning Library

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Unique Publications


Edited by Bruce Garrard and Steve HeironymouS
36 pages, A5 booklet
Published September 1986
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1986 price £1.50, now available for:


STONEHENGE ’85 – Souvenir Issue
Includes first-hand accounts from The Battle of the Beanfield, June 1st 1985
Edited by Sheila Craig
32 pages, A5 booklet
Published June 1986
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1986 price £1.50, now available for:
STONEHENGE ’87 – a people’s pilgrimage
Edited and largely written by Bruce Garrard
40 pages, A4 magazine format
Published 1988
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1988 price £2.00, now available for:

Stonehenge Proposal

The Stonehenge Proposal for Midsummer’s Day Access

We propose that over the period of the Summer Solstice the public be allowed free and equitable access into Stonehenge and it’s surrounding landscape. This would enable people to freely attend as are their needs and customs: the Sunrise, Midday, the Sunset and the Solstice. Current overcrowding and driver safety problems are caused by the increasing popularity of the present open access and the decision to end access early on Solstice morning. We believe these problems can be resolved in  the best interests of everyone by extending the access period to cover the whole of Midsummers Day. We invite English Heritage and other interested parties to support this Proposal in principle and look forward to working with them to further its aims.

Presented on 21 December 2008, Winter Solstice at Stonehenge on behalf of the petitioners and the People.


Wiltshire meeting about 1975 Stonehenge Free Festival


Dean described these scans as:

Minutes of the First (Round Table) meeting 1975
These minutes from a meeting held in October 1975 to discuss the Free Festival 1975 were given to me by Sir Walter Wally aka Sir Wally Raleigh R.I.P Old friend x

(But it was not a ’round table’ as only ‘officials’ were at the meeting)


These minutes have been copied from: